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To make it easy to use the 3D Cityplanner, we have made available online training and, introductory videos and a textual manual. Check them out with the following links:

Get a grip on your projects!

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    Need more control over your projects?

    Urban (re)development projects can be complex. Besides the engineering complexity, projects involve many stakeholders and experts, often with conflicting interests. This leads to long decision making processes with a suboptimal outcome. The 3D Cityplanner improves cooperation and avoids sub-optimal decision-making.

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    Does planning cost a lot of time and money?

    A lot of data is available nowadays, but it is challenging to bring it together. We can ensure that all required data comes together in the system for any location. It is also possible to automatically gather all data of all underlying datasets. 3D Cityplanner is the best tool for quick 3D location analysis.

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    Do you want a Digital Twin of your city?

    Search no further. The 3D Cityplanner contains worldwide information about buildings and other data. It's the perfect framework to set up your digital twin. Just add your location specific data via WFS or WMS services.

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    Want to create a (data-driven) masterplan?

    With all the relevant location-specific data at your fingertips, the 3D Cityplanner is the best start for creating a masterplan. The drawing tools and auto-generating options help you make the best plan in no time.

Consultancy and advice

Do you want us to help you set up your project, masterplan or Digital Twin City please don't hesitate and ask us. We can provide online consultancy and guidance. Our skilled staff can help you set up the data layers, create projects, set up comparisons and advise on crucial parameters to be used. We can also create tailor-made dashboards to fit your specific needs.

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Feature videos

The features below show some of our most essential features. These features will help your projects stand out from your competitors.

generate buildings automatically

Automatic building generator

With this new feature that we have developed, you can automatically generate buildings by entering your preferences, such as plot size or house size. You immediately see the effects of what you have chosen. You can immediately see how many homes can be built, what the parking needs are or even the costs and revenues.


Apartment generator

This module makes it possible to create variants of apartment buildings very quickly in virtually any shape and configuration. Draw the basic shape and select the homes you want to realize, and the system does the rest. Everything is adjustable for fire escapes, elevators, storage rooms, and the rental/purchase ratio... everything is adjustable.


Project planning in 4D

Get more control and insight at multiple projects. Create projects and watch old buildings disappear or watch refurbished and new buildings and roads arise with adjusting the planning slider.


Noise hindrance

Noise hindrance can be essential to consider while designing a new plan. This video will show you how easy it is to model and simulate buildings in 3D and identify and measure the noise contours so that you can make informed decisions.


Import BIM, Sketchup or CityGML models

We have developed a new feature that makes it possible to import highly detailed 3d models into the plan. It is possible to import models from BIM, IFC, SketchUp, 3d max or citygml.


Create and share dashboards online

We offer a simple way to generate different reports (Financial, spatial, environmental or custom), which can be shared with stakeholders and viewed on any device.

Example report

A step by step tutorial on how to create 3D site plans using 3D Cityplanner.

The 3D Cityplanner is a 3D software tool in a browser that visualizes and calculates spatial plans intuitively. A large number of aspects like finances, land use and sustainability can be considered and calculated. It’s a tool that integrates design and calculations. As a user, you may enter all possible categories of geodata into the program, resulting in a site plan that is workable and achievable for all involved.

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