Creating a Digital Twin City

A Digital Twin is a virtual version of a product or, in this case, a city or neighbourhood. This is used to make analyzes before an intervention or adjustment is applied in real life.

Policymakers, directors, managers, urban developers and architects can get an insight into complex spatial issues. All available data, mainly public sources, can be included if also desired from other sources. The 3DCityplanner delivers quick access to data, possibilities to combine data, and present data clearly. The effect is optimal use of available data, resulting in responsible land use and management above and below ground.

The 3D Cityplanner is a 3D software tool in a browser that visualizes and calculates spatial plans intuitively. A large number of aspects like finances, land use and sustainability can be considered and calculated. It’s a tool that integrates design and calculations. In recent years, this is also called GeoDesign: planning and designing spatial plans, using all available Geo-information and simulations.

  • An online 3D visualization of the project area, including existing buildings, vegetation, soil structure, cables, pipelines and underground constructions.
  • 3D layers with additional data. For instance zoning, cultural heritage, groundwater protection areas and pollution.
  • The option to define a project area yourself and design complete urban development areas. The tool is able to search public geodata servers. This provides a collection of base data of every area. The software converts this data to a 3D model which can be used in the viewer.
  • Worldwide data such as 3D buildings and the possibility to add existing data, harmonize, combine and translate it to usefull information.

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Some of our customers

  • "The 3D Cityplanner is very intuitive to use. This makes it very easy to interpret different information sources. You also quickly master the drawing. You no longer need complicated GIS programs."