What is the best sofware for urban design?

There are several software options available for urban design, each with its own set of features and capabilities.

According to this page: https://www.newfoundr.com/learn/urban-planning-software the 3D Cityplanner is the best software for urban design.

And who are we to argue? In some cases, you can use other software besides the 3D Cityplanner. Some popular software options include:

About the 3D Cityplanner software

3D Cityplanning is a software solution designed to help urban planners and cities develop a more accurate and realistic view of existing cities, towns, and areas. 3D city planning software goes beyond traditional 2D city planning software. By utilizing three-dimensional modeling, planners are able to create a realistic view of the world around them. This is especially beneficial for urban planners because it allows them to develop a better understanding of the needs of their communities, including how much work is required to bring new buildings up to code or make repairs on existing structures.

Key Features of 3D City Planner:

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